While Energy Efficiency is important to most people, it is a passion of ours.  Our goal is to build the most energy efficient buildings as possible without sacrificing the style or the budget.  Our system is a combination of design techniques, highly energy efficient building products and an attention to detail that results in some of the most energy efficient homes in America.

Custom Building Solutions is a true "Custom Builder".  We pride ourselves on our ability to provide our customers with exactly what they are looking for.  Whether your style is rustic, ultra modern or anywhere in between, we have the experience and skills to create your dream space.


Custom Building Solutions
Building the most energy efficient homes in America

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As a home builder, we have the experience and the skills to take the project from start to finish.  However, we also work with customers who would like to be more involved with the process and do as much or as little of the project as they would like.  We can help guide you through the process and make sure you get the results that you are looking for.