What is Closed Cell Foam:  Closed Cell Foam is a sprayed in place, polyurethane based insulation.  Also referred to as 2 pound foam. When applied, the foam expands to fill every crack and crevice, and when fully cured (which happens in less than 24 hours), the foam becomes rigid.  Thus creating a durable and effective barrier that will never shrink, settle or crack.  As the name suggests, inside every cubic inch of the foam are millions of tiny plastic closed cells.  Within these cells is what makes the foam so effective.  The cells are filled with a non-ozone depleting blowing agent.  OK...... So what does that really mean?  Well, it's much like a multi-pane window.  Between each pane of glass in a multi-pane window is a sealed cavity.  In this cavity, the air is removed and replaced with a much more efficient gas.  A gas that will not produce moisture and is less susceptible to temperature changes.  Just like the multi-pane window, Closed Cell Foam Insulation has no air inside of it, therefore becoming a highly effective insulation material.

     When it comes to a building's energy efficiency, AIR IS THE ENEMY!  Whether it's the air that is leaking in or out of the building, or the air that is trapped inside the walls or roof assembly, this air will cause problems.

    All other forms of insulation rely on air to be an insulator.  Well.... Air can get hot and air can get cold so how well can it really insulate.

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